Creating value for EPS Members

About Effective Pricing Solutions Inc. (EPS)

Effective Pricing Solutions Inc. (EPS) is an alliance of independent living, assisted living and long-term care retirement communities and group homes for seniors across Canada.

EPS consists of 16 members, representing 162 facilities and 16,200 beds, and has grown steady since 2013. The Alliance provides cost-effective solutions for members through combined purchasing power –enabling mutually-beneficial relationships with a wide range of suppliers.

EPS members also benefit from shared resources, networking, professional development and supplier performance management.

Our Members
  • Spend Under Management

    $200M Member spend under management, $1.5B in Member real estate assets.

  • Growth

    42% growth in Member beds since 2018.

  • Bed breakdown

    3353 Independent Living; 3135 Assisted Living; 6060 Long Term Care; 1519 Hospitality.


      $150M Member spend under management, $1.1B in Member real estate assets.

    • GROWTH

      Growth in Member beds since 2013 31% through both new development and acquisition.


      2700 Independent Living; 2500 Assisted Living; 4500 Long Term Care; 1000 Hospitality.

Our story

The Alliance was formally launched in May 2011 and expanded in 2013.

About EPS

Member driven for Member value.