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M.C.O.P. – Mulgrave’s Community Outreach Programme

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My name is Mikkah Damji and I have just completed Grade 10 at Mulgrave School in Vancouver. I am a member of Mulgrave’s Action Council, and along with some of my close friends, Ryan, Kamran, Kate, and Ahna, we have created an initiative called M.C.O.P. – Mulgrave’s Community Outreach Programme.

M.C.O.P. is an initiative solely created by five students to support those in the most challenging and difficult positions during COVID-19, first responders and seniors. First responders are risking their lives every day to make sure all of us can be safe, and seniors at senior homes are isolated from their loved ones and family. Our group thought, how can we support and put a smile on the faces of these people? How can we as a community show our love and care? Our Initiative is split into two parts. One part is the partnership with YAK (the West Vancouver Youth Council), where we asked Mulgrave Students of all ages to create cards, letters, and art pieces! We collected over 100 cards which were distributed to frontline workers and senior homes across Vancouver. 

The second part of our Initiative is creating a video montage, a film we could send to a variety of senior homes. Our goal with our film is to show Mulgrave students/youth doing something they are passionate about or a new hobby they have picked up, to give seniors a glimpse of the outside world and show our enthusiasm and care. This project is so important to us, and we are hoping you can be a part of this journey. We hope that all of you keep safe and healthy during this extremely difficult time. Click here to watch the video.

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