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Coming Together During The Pandemic: A Granddaughter’s Perspective of Generations Calgary

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When I heard that Generations Calgary had accepted my Nanimaa (grandmother) as a resident in late March, I had mixed emotions.   I was elated at the opportunity for her to be in a new, cutting-edge, community based multi-generational housing facility.  But I was also equally concerned that she was moving into a place with other seniors during a global pandemic crisis.  I had read about the difficult experiences of seniors at other Canadian care homes and it really worried me.

Three months later and in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, I could not be happier or feel safer for Nanimaa. The Generations Calgary Team is so caring, professional and careful in their approach. This place is truly unique – in addition to incredible staff, volunteers and families rallying together, Generations is committed to upholding Nanimaa’s dignity, safety and care. When I was told that Generations would require their staff to work only at this site and no other facility as a matter of added safety, I knew that Nanimaa was living at a place that cared about her wellbeing as much as I did. Click here for full story.

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