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Canadian Healthcare Hero: Safiqa Kara

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Canadian Healthcare Hero Safiqa Kara is the Director of Care at Generations Calgary, where she and her team are leading a pilot global initiative to enhance the quality of life for those in long-term care and supportive living. Safiqa has been instrumental in the strategic planning and implementation of COVID-19 prevention and management for 120 residents and over 150 staff members. One of her greatest lessons during this time has been to remain flexible – this year has been unpredictable and it has reinforced the importance of being adaptable in a constantly changing environment. Through a hands-on, transparent, and compassionate approach to well-being and mentorship, Safiqa has worked hard to build trust with residents and staff members; that she will act in their best interest; that she will care for each resident and staff; and that will she be there to lead the team as we all navigate the pandemic together. For the full article click here.

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