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Medical Pharmacies Group Limited

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Medical Pharmacies Group Limited has been selected as the preferred strategic pharmacy services supplier for EPS Members.

This new partnership will enhance the safety and quality of pharmacy services delivered to our Member communities.

Medical Pharmacies Group Limited (MPGL) is a leading Canadian pharmacy service provider, with over 60 years of specialized experience in caring for people in residential care settings. MPGL has a proven track record serving select EPS Members coast-to-coast, for many years.

We are now pleased to announce a new partnership with Medical Pharmacies to enhance our ongoing goal of providing superior services, consistent programs, streamlined processes and better value to our Member communities.

As the preferred provider of pharmacy services, Medical Pharmacies’ commitment to Effective Pricing Solutions is to work with Members to standardize the medication purchasing, dispensing and delivery process to maximize productivity and enhance your services.With its strong service commitment and an assigned local MPGL Representative working directly with each Member’s care staff, MPGL provides our Member communities with an excellent advantage.

MPGL will:

  • Develop and maintain pharmacy standards for all your locations
  • Customize policies and procedures for each EPS Member community
  • Work to increase property revenues through specialized programs and services that promote adoption of pharmacy services to IL residents, supported by a marketing campaign to attract and retain residents

Benefits of working with Medical Pharmacies:

  • Six levels of reliable service and support for every one of our Member neighbourhoods in BC, AB and ON
  • Progressive programs that promote resident well-being, increase satisfaction and reduce risk for the Member
  • Safety and efficiency of medication management services to reduce staff workload and maintain compliance
  • Extensive clinical research and program design to keep products and services on the leading edge
  • Technology and equipment that creates efficiencies for both residents and staff
  • Online and in-person education to keep staff informed on a variety of current and relevant topics

We look forward to continuing to work with Medical Pharmacies as our partners in care and service across Canada, over the next few years.

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